[ic] Interchange Installation Problems (Non HTML)

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Mon Nov 27 12:26:08 EST 2006

On Mon, 2006-11-27 at 11:28 -0500, Compudata Systems - Mike wrote:
> Dear Interchange support,
> I am having some issues with the installation…  I am able to successfully
> Makefile.PL, Make, Make Test and Make Install… But am running into problems
> shortly after I run bin/makecat…  
> I am prompted to name the catalog as I have tired several times including
> “standard” 
> Catalog name? standard
> makecat -- Interchange catalog installation program.
> *** We will be making a catalog named 'standard'. ***
> If you are using the Apache or NCSA web server, Interchange can set
> some of the default parameters for you by reading the file.
> If you use the Netscape Enterprise server or other non-NCSA HTTP server,
> enter 'none' -- the information, if any, will not be useful.
> Try using the UP arrow at some of the prompts -- you have the
> Term::ReadLine module installed, and Interchange may find some
> default values in your HTTP server configuration file.  You can
> cycle among them with the UP and DOWN arrows.
> fatal error: locate: decode_db: 'bucket_of_holding': realloc: Cannot
> allocate memory
> The error doesn’t seem to stop the script from exciting so I can continue
> with setting up via this script however I have run though the setup a few
> times now without any luck… 
> Any advise or questions?
> Thanks very much,
> Mike

what happens at the end? does makecat create all your catalog files? try
reading the error.log file (next to interchange.cfg file) also if you
run makecat as root, you get more options than if you run it as a
regular user.


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