[ic] Stoopid question and offer

Tom Tucker tom at ttucker.com
Tue Nov 28 02:12:19 EST 2006

I'm using IC 5.4.1 on a Mac Mini with OS X 10.4.8 (perl 5.8.6), Apache 2.2.2
and MySQL.

Can anybody tell me why:

    [calc]($Scratch->{first},$Scratch->{last}) = split(/:\s/, "Tom:

should output "2" on a page? I'm trying to parse the options ordered on each
item for the report and the admin/order_view.html page to give me the
o_label and the option description. I don't really have a cart in these two
instances so [item-options ...] isn't an ....er... option.

Also, PayPal has a PayFlow Pro 2.0 that uses an HTTPS POST mechanism for
payment processing. I have hacked the Signio.pm to create a PayPal.pm that
is ugly but it works. I actually implemented a 2 transaction gateway (AUTH
then DELAYED CAPTURE if Approved and AVSADDR, AVSZIP and CVV2 pass).

If this would be useful to anyone, what is the best way to contribute this
module to the community so that there is some peer review and it cleanup to
see that it conforms to the Interchange standards/conventions?

Tom Tucker
Interchange user since 2001 (4.8.3)

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