[ic] Stoopid question and offer

Stefan Hornburg racke at linuxia.de
Tue Nov 28 04:14:02 EST 2006

Tom Tucker wrote:
> I'm using IC 5.4.1 on a Mac Mini with OS X 10.4.8 (perl 5.8.6), Apache 2.2.2
> and MySQL.
> Can anybody tell me why:
>     [calc]($Scratch->{first},$Scratch->{last}) = split(/:\s/, "Tom:
> Tucker");[/calc]
> should output "2" on a page? 

It returns a list ('Tom', 'Tucker') which is converted to a scalar (2).

I'm trying to parse the options ordered on each
> item for the report and the admin/order_view.html page to give me the
> o_label and the option description. I don't really have a cart in these two
> instances so [item-options ...] isn't an ....er... option.
> Also, PayPal has a PayFlow Pro 2.0 that uses an HTTPS POST mechanism for
> payment processing. I have hacked the Signio.pm to create a PayPal.pm that
> is ugly but it works. I actually implemented a 2 transaction gateway (AUTH
> then DELAYED CAPTURE if Approved and AVSADDR, AVSZIP and CVV2 pass).
> If this would be useful to anyone, what is the best way to contribute this
> module to the community so that there is some peer review and it cleanup to
> see that it conforms to the Interchange standards/conventions?

Put it on a website and post the URL here - with a more self-explaining


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