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Wed Oct 4 11:54:17 EDT 2006

From: "Safe Data Technologies - Jason Korkin" <jkorkin at safedatatech.com>

> Hi All-
> Does anyone know of a good shipping service that gives UPS, FedEx and  US 
> Postal Service shipping costs and that allows for printing of  shipping 
> labels?  Also looking for a printer that spits out shipping  labels...
> Any ideas?
> Jason
> --
> Safe Data Technologies, LLC
> http://www.SafeDataTech.com
> 1-877-502-6245
> jkorkin at safedatatech.com

We use Fedex for shipping, but both fedex and UPS have free shipping 
software you can use. If you want something that will allow you to shop 
rates between the different shippers you should probably look at starship or 
a custom created module for interchange.

To print shipping labels, it's best to use a thermal printer which you can 
usually get from fedex or ups for free, or you can purchase online.  Also 
the shipping labels themselves are not cheap, but both fedex and ups give 
these away for free, so best to get the labels from them as well.


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