[ic] table_editor ui_te_check not showing label

Bill Carr bill at bottlenose-wine.com
Wed Oct 4 12:28:38 EDT 2006

Hello ICers,
When I set CGI->ui_te_check:field and ui_te_label:field the label is  
not showing for the given field from the table_editor tag. If I  
remove ui_te_check:field the label shows. Below is a little chunk of  
my stuff.

	for(@fields) {
		next if $Tag->data('mv_metadata','code',qq{custview::userdb::$_});
		my $meta = Vend::Table::Editor::meta_record(qq{userdb::$_});
		$CGI->{'ui_te_label:fname'} = $meta->{label} || 'First Name';
		$CGI->{'ui_te_check:fname'} = 'required Please enter your First  

The above does not show a label for 'fname' field.

It is somewhat of a hack. What I ultimately would like to do is  
specify default options in the table_editor tag as follows

	label.fname = 'First Name'
	check.fname =  'required Please enter your First Name.'

And then be able to override those values in mv_metadata. The reason  
is the above table_editor appears on a page that is shared by many  
catalogs. It would be ready to go with appropriate defaults that  
could be easily overridden using the mv_metadata facility on a per  
catalog basis.

Is there some kind of default_metadata_from_options switch for the  

Bill Carr
Bottlenose - Wine & Spirits eBusiness Specialists

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