[ic] Re: how to override commonadjust or have [discount] apply and no quantity pricing

NOW Web Sites Coordinator webperson at now.org
Thu Oct 5 14:34:18 EDT 2006

Thanks for the reply and sorry I didn't make myself clearer.

I want the 25% off discount to apply even if they order more than one item.

However, on a few of our items, we have quantity discounts (not all of our 
items).  So, for those items, we might discount 20% if they order more than 
10 items, say.

But for the special group of people who get a global 25% off discount, I 
don't want them to get a 20% quantity discount AND a 25% discount.  And 
that's what's happening when I use the [discount ALL_ITEMS]$s * 
.75[/discount] tag.

I've definitely read and reread the documentation, including 
http://www.interchange.rtfm.info/icdocs/tags/discount.html and 

but I don't know how to tell it to:

Apply the global 25% off discount for a special group (not with special IC 
logins, just using an Apache name/password combo) but don't apply quantity 
pricing discount for this group as well.  I was wondering if I could at the 
same time I checked for this group apply some code --I used an affiliate 
check command like so:

[seti affiliate_id][data session source][/seti]
[if scratch affiliate_id eq "special-group"]
[discount ALL_ITEMS]$s * .75[/discount]

Could I override the commonadjust for them, or do something else here?

Thanks in advance.

>Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2006 02:50:03 +0100
>From: Kevin Walsh <kevin at cursor.biz>
>Subject: Re: [ic] how to override commonadjust or have [discount]
>         apply and       not quantity pricing
>To: interchange-users at icdevgroup.org
>Message-ID: <200610050250.04611.kevin at cursor.biz>
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>NOW Internet Manager <admin at now.org> wrote:
> > I have set a global percentage discount for an affiliate using the 
> discount
> > tag if people go to a certain page as an affiliate, and using apache to
> > control the login.
> > The tag is:
> > [discount ALL_ITEMS]$s * .75[/discount]
> >
> > It works fine, I've got the shopping cart displaying the discount, etc.
> >
> > The problem is that this discount is also applying to quantity discounts,
> > which are set in the database and with commonadjust.  It is applying the
> > 25% discount after the quantity discount is taken.
> >
> > Is there some way to change the commonadjust so that it works with this
> > scheme, or just to turn it off on my landing page?
> >
> > The commonadjust in use is:
> >
> > pricing:q2,q5,q10,q25,q50,q75,q100:, :sale_price ;:price, ;$, ==:options
> >
> > I'm using 5.2.
> >
> > I appreciate your help.  I've been looking at all of the mailing lists and
> > documentation, but can't find an answer to this.
> >
>If I understand you correctly, you don't want your discount to apply
>only if the quantity is > 1.  If that is correct then perhaps you
>could try something like this:
>     [discount ALL_ITEMS] $q > 1 ? $s : $s * 0.75 [/discount]
>See this page for more examples:
>     http://www.interchange.rtfm.info/icdocs/tags/discount.html

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