[ic] RE: [include ...] not interpolated in admin pages?

Mark Johnson mark at endpoint.com
Tue Oct 17 13:45:48 EDT 2006

Peter wrote:
> On 10/11/2006 08:21 AM, Nora Heuer - Baytides Management Inc. wrote:
>>> Using IC 5.2
>>> When using [include somefile] within admin/customer_view or
>>> admin/order_view the included file does not get interpolated for IC tags.
>>> If I use the code from the include file directly in the page, it obviously
>>> works.
>>> Is there a particular reason for that?
>>> I was hoping to streamline....
>>> Thanks for any insight.
>> Never mind. Too bad that the looping tag has to be part of the
>> include file, but it is what it is.
> It's a bit ugly, but you can set scratches for the values you need in
> the included file, ie:
> [tmpn code][loop-code][/tmpn]
> [tmpn foo][loop-param foo][\tmpn]
> [tmpn bar][loop-param bar][/tmpn]
> ...then access with:
> [scratch code]
> [scratch foo]
> [scratch bar]

Additionally, depending on the nature of what's being included, you can
get your loop params inside the include by manipulating interpolation
order in your loop. So, say you have:

[loop ...]
[include file]

and in your include file, you have stuff you'd like to act as the body
of the loop, and could be both loop parameters and real ITL. If you do
the following:

[loop ... interpolate=1]
[file file] [comment] which won't interpolate the guts of file[/comment]

That will slurp both [loop-*] tags and real ITL that can be used as the
body of the loop. This is a little nicer way of doing the
set-to-scratch-then-interpolate-file-with-each-loop method.


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