[ic] Large Scale communities system...

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Mon Oct 23 23:07:57 EDT 2006

I am building a large scale community system (multinational) with IC. I
am wondering about scaling up. I will be using postgres. There will be
many input forms and many users/groups. My main concern is that if some
of the communities get really large (public surveys, etc) I would like
to be able to break that community off on it's own server. The catch is
that I still want their to be one central database!. How does one go
about making more than one server spread across the globe act as one
coherent system? Is IC up for this kind of thing? I guess it is a
database thing more than an IC thing... I know I can simply copy the
catalog and put it on many servers, and just use one central located
database. However, I think this is a bad idea because it does not
address the performance issue... Any Ideas? 


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