[ic] interchange question

Peter Macgregor info at omnidealz.com
Tue Oct 24 06:25:54 EDT 2006

I have a site that my designer used Interchange
I would like to change my host as we are not happy where we are, my 
problem is we can not find anyone that is familiar with this system, 
therefore we are being held hostage for the time being.

I am running a site that is full of coupons and discounts, so a 
database is being used, I am wondering if this system is overkill for 
what we are doing, I have no point of sale transactions I have no 
shopping carts and take no credit cards yet.
I may in the future.

I believe I would like to have a dedicated server, and use the 
developer that helped build the site move the site over, would this 
I am not a developer so I hope I am making sense.
www.omnidealz.com is my site
can you help
thanks in advance


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