[ic] SQL query returning no results

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Fri Oct 27 08:59:21 EDT 2006

graham hadgraft writes: 

> I am trying to perform a query that takes the string from a series of
> checkboxes and returns rowes which have a field which contains all
> these strings in any order. 
> This is the code i am using: 
> [perl tables="products"]										
> 	@array = split(/-/,$CGI->{from});
> 	my $res = '';
> 	$sql = "SELECT * FROM products WHERE icons LIKE '%'"; 
> 	foreach(@array){
> 		$sql .= " AND icons LIKE '%" . $_ . "%'";
> 	}
> 	$Tag->query({sql=>$sql,hashref=>'results',table=>'products'});
> 	foreach my $row (@{$Tmp->{results}})
> 	{
> 		$res .= $row->{description} . "test<br>";
> 	}
> 	return $res;
> [/perl] 
> This returns no string.  I have changed the return to return the sql
> string and then ran the same sql query in directsql and this returns
> the correct products.  Changing it back to return res brings back no
> string. 
> This does not make any sense to me.

Kevin gave the solution to change:
  @array = split(/-/,$CGI->{from});
  @array = split(/\0/,$CGI->{from}); 

What confuses me in this is that above you say that you have returned the 
sql string from this perl block and with that you got a correct query. 

Perhaps Kevin can shed a light on that one aswell?  I'd think that you would 
not be able to have done a split with the - , so there would not have been a 
correct sql query in the first place? Or is there something magic going on? 



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