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Frank Reitzenstein frank at goldissue.com
Sun Oct 29 09:03:08 EST 2006


Some of you will recall how I have shared a method for placing the
contents of a search page in the meta tags as keywords.

In the past these pages have had a ridiculously high google PR compared
with the rest of the site. However with the last google  pagerank update
we have penalized for these. To see what I mean visit my new site

Only the categories Protein and Creatine have a page rank. Careful
inspection revealed that those were the only two categories with a small

In all fairness our objective was not spamming, but rather representing
what was on the page.

Rather than abandoning our technique, I have responded by formatting the
lists, so that they are truncated to the officially accepted lengths.
Anyone who has downloaded and used these innovations need only download
this page:


(ie the part that goes at the top of the page.html), and open in a linux
text editor.

If you want to use notepad, I have found that you can save to c: and
uses dos edit to open and save once. Then the file will display better
in notepad.

The only change I have made is to add a perl function which formats the

Although it has been an embarrassment, and cost a client and my own site
some traffic, we have responded by refining the method, and shall inform
you of the results in a couple of months.

My previous post was this (which needs to be revised once we know where
this is heading).



Frank Reitzenstein

http://www.goldissue.com Ecommerce Consulting

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