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Jon prtyof5 at attglobal.net
Sun Oct 29 11:09:48 EST 2006

> Hello,
> Some of you will recall how I have shared a method for placing the
> contents of a search page in the meta tags as keywords.
> In the past these pages have had a ridiculously high google PR compared
> with the rest of the site. However with the last google  pagerank update
> we have penalized for these. To see what I mean visit my new site
> www.theyoungjerk.com
> Only the categories Protein and Creatine have a page rank. Careful
> inspection revealed that those were the only two categories with a small
> list.
> In all fairness our objective was not spamming, but rather representing
> what was on the page.
> Rather than abandoning our technique, I have responded by formatting the
> lists, so that they are truncated to the officially accepted lengths.
> Anyone who has downloaded and used these innovations need only download
> this page:
> http://www.goldissue.com/images/foundation/toplevel.html
> (ie the part that goes at the top of the page.html), and open in a linux
> text editor.
> If you want to use notepad, I have found that you can save to c: and
> uses dos edit to open and save once. Then the file will display better
> in notepad.
> The only change I have made is to add a perl function which formats the
> list.
> Although it has been an embarrassment, and cost a client and my own site
> some traffic, we have responded by refining the method, and shall inform
> you of the results in a couple of months.
> My previous post was this (which needs to be revised once we know where
> this is heading).
> http://www.goldissue.com/search-engine-friendly.html
> Regards,
> Frank Reitzenstein
> --
> http://www.goldissue.com Ecommerce Consulting
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    Frank some may state and/or argue this isn't necessarily appropriate
for an IC technical list but I say it is some what because with out traffic
a site is for not and there are technical approaches that may be unique to
Now with that probably behind us or at least off my chest :)... on to SE

    My primary site has recently moved from PR 4 to PR 6 and I should be
but my traffic and sales are down. Point on that don't necessarily mix
traffic with PR.

    If my memory is correct I recall a post you made some time ago relative
to meta
tags (e.g. image alt) and whenever I read something I take at look at my
site to see what I may
have over looked and saw my product image alts were not product specific and
IC I could and did make the alts product specific and given the time frame
and your
post today I'm wondering if that indeed killed my SE results; perhaps I'm
being penalized
a bit. Thoughts anyone ??  In the case of the young jerk site those pages
with out PR are
simply not in google's cache hence PR 0 which to me implies they have been
dropped or
perhaps google is still cycling through the different server's cache. This
has been happening
recently as I saw my site bounce between PR 4 and 6 and now appears to be
settled at PR6.

    Are you thinking that excessive alt tags have killed your PR and/or SE
results ? I wouldn't
mind hearing what you've discovered working with a number of sites sooner
rather then
waiting the 2 months for the formal dissertation :)


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