[ic] help install interchange-5.4.1

ic at 3edge.com ic at 3edge.com
Mon Oct 30 00:49:41 EST 2006

Carvajal Arenaza writes: 

> Hi 
>   some one can to help me in the install carry out the following thing
> in my server download interchange-5.4.1.tar.gz in /usr/local/interchange
> ungzip whit gzip -dc interchange-5.4.1.tar.gz but when ./configure
> see... 
> in root 
> [root at plesk interchange]# ./configure
>  Interchange
>  Copyright 2002-2006 Interchange Development Group (http://www.icdevgroup.org/)
>  Copyright 1996-2002 Red Hat, Inc.
>  Interchange was originally based on Vend 0.2 and 0.3
>  Copyright 1995, 1996 Andrew M. Wilcox <amw at wilcoxsolutions.com>
>  Distributed under the GNU General Public License.
>  See the file LICENSE for license information.
>  To install Interchange, please run:
>     perl Makefile.PL [arguments...]
>     make
>     make test && make install
>  If you would like to use a specific version of Perl, simply invoke
>  Perl with an absolute path to the Perl binary, such as
>     /usr/local/bin/perl Makefile.PL [arguments...]
> [root at plesk interchange]# perl Makefile.PL
> Checking if your kit is complete...
> Looks good
> It is not recommended that you run Interchange with a thread-enabled perl,
> which you have called this installer with. Either rerun with 
>         /path/to/non-threaded/perl Makefile.PL
> or accept the possible problems that come with running on an experimental
> software system.
> Do you want to try running with threads? [n] n 
> someone to tell me that to do.. which is the following step but I dont understand very well this  

It is possible to compile Perl with threads enabled / disabled. The Perl you 
are using to install IC has been compiled with threads enabled. This has 
been known to cause instability of your IC performance. 

So the suggestion is to use a Perl that is not having threads enable. For 
that you should download the Perl source and configure/install it without 
threads enabled. And then you should be using that Perl to run IC. 

If I'm correct things have improved a lot in the threads area, so this 
warning is not as urgent as it has been before I think. You could give it a 
go with the current Perl. 



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