[ic] 5.5.0 errors - bugs?

Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Mon Oct 30 09:25:55 EST 2006

"David Radovanovic" <dave at whatsthebigidea.com> wrote:
> Since installing/upgading to 5.5.0 from 5.0 there has been various errors
> that appear as though they are permissions related though permissions seem
> correct. No related in error logs or debug log.
> They also occur in http://demo.icdevgroup.org/ install as well -
> When trying to view catalog error.log through Admin UI this error occurs:
> No absolute file paths allowed. -- logged.
> Also when trying to save and publish pages through Admin this error occurs:
> parse_page: Error parsing page.
If I go to the online demo and click on Miscellaneous -> File Transfer
then I can then click on the "error.log" file and see it without any
problem.  I was also able to use the File Transfer facility to download
and then upload the "aboutus.html" page.

While I was in there, I went to the Miscellaneous -> Content (Legacy
Tools) page and edited the "aboutus.html" page.  I was able to get
my change to save and publish ok.

Upon inspection of the error.log file, after publishing the page I
edited, I found this: FY3xHNA3: - [30/October/2006:09:07:16 -0500] demo1 /i/demo1/admin/layout.html search error: search file 'area' is not a valid database reference.

That was because I clicked on "Layout Editor", which is a legacy tool
and only really suitable for use with Foundation-based websites with
an "area" table.  I went back and clicked on "Layout Editor" again (and
checked the source) to verify the message's origin.  The message had
nothing to do with my monkeying about in the content editor.

Are you doing something different to get the errors you reported?

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