[ic] Quantity field on dynamic page help

N.E.S.T. Solutions nest_consulting at yahoo.ca
Wed Sep 6 20:08:37 EDT 2006

> Can anyone help me with adding a quantity field next to the 
> "buy now" button on a fly page?  Here is the html section for 
> the parts:
> 	[comment] Parts [/comment]
> 	[query sql="select * from parts where 
> item_sku='[item-code]' and type NOT LIKE 'doc'" 
> 		type=list
> 		prefix=part
> 		list_prefix=parts]
> 	[on-match]
>   <hr>
> 	<p align="center"><b><font face="Tahoma, Helvetica, 
> Georgia, Arial" color="#ff0000" size="+1">Parts & 
> Accessories</font></b></p>
> 	<table width="100%">
> 	[/on-match]
> 	[parts]
> 		<tr>
> 		<td valign="top" width="75"><img 
> src="items/[part-param part_sku]_75.jpg"></td>
> 		<td><font face="Tahoma, Helvetica, Georgia, 
> Arial" size="-1"><b>[data table=products field=description 
> key="[part-param part_sku]"]</b><br>[data table=products 
> field=comment key="[part-param part_sku]"]</font></td>
> 		<td align="center" valign="top" 
> width="75"><font color="#cc0000" size="-1" face="arial, 
> helvetica"><b>Sale price: $[data table=products field=price 
> key="[part-param part_sku]"]<br><br><a href="[area order 
> [part-param part_sku]]"><img 
> src="__THEME_IMG_DIR__buynow.gif" border="0" alt="Buy it 
> Now"></a></b></font></td>
> 		</tr>
> 	[/parts]
> 	[on-match]
> 	</table><br>
> 	[/on-match]
> 	[/query]

You can look in the components code in 
catroot/templates/components/... from the demo

you will find a few components such as "results_buylist" 
that will contain the code you need. Look at the "form" 
and it's inputs. Then insert your matched data into the 

Martin H.
N.E.S.T. Solutions

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