[ic] Thread hijacking

Stefan Hornburg racke at linuxia.de
Thu Sep 7 03:03:46 EDT 2006

Andreas Grau wrote:
> When people simply reply to a posting and then change the subject
> line and add a new text, people wo are using threaded mail readers have
> problems following. sb at airdelights.com was kind enough to do this twice
> recently as a demonstration:
> Authorize.net online checks
>   Problem with adding parts to an item (<==)
>   Re: Authorize.net online checks
>     Quantity field on dynamic page help  (<==)
> Top posters usually get flamed rather quick here, why not thread
> hijackers as well ? For the same reason : It renders threads hard to
> follow. And finding such a posting by sorting the subject line is also
> impossible.
> Thoughts ?

Teach the correct way by notifying thread hijackers with private
email, most of them aren't aware of their fault. Other than that, you
can also choose to ignore their postings.


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