[ic] Form Value Submit Problem

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Thu Sep 7 08:23:44 EDT 2006

Postfix User writes: 

> Hi, 
> Using Interchange 5.4.0 on CentOS. 
> I have a weird form submit problem that I cant track down... Maybe
> someone can help. 
> I have written a custom user tag to calculate shipping for a specific
> saved cart at checkout, allowing a user to select different shipping
> methods for different carts. 
> <FORM ACTION="[process secure=1]" METHOD="POST">
> <input type=hidden NAME=mv_doit       value=refresh>
> <input type=hidden NAME=mv_nextpage   value="ord/checkout">
> <input type=hidden name=mv_check      value="Save_database">
> <INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME="mv_order_profile" VALUE="credit_card"> 
> [loop list="abc xyz"]
>  Select Shipping Method:
>  <SELECT NAME="[loop-code]_ship" onChange="checkout.submit()" SIZE="1">
>    [ship_order_cost cart="[loop-code]"]
>  </SELECT>
> [/loop]
> </FORM> 
> The [ship_order_cost] global UserTag that I have written is functional
> as it correctly generates the shipping cost for each cart and
> populates the select menu with the proper data. 
> The problem that I am having is that when this generates the actual
> HTML, it allows me to submit both of the select menus, however, only
> the first select menu (abc_ship) saves.  The second menu (xyz_ship)
> does not save or update its value in the users session. 
> Accordingly, I did a [dump values] to see if there is even an entry
> for xyz_ship saved to the session and there is not. 
> Does anyone have any pointers to assist with why it is saving one but
> not the others information? 
> Thanks!

What do you see when you do a 'view source'  of the page? 



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