[ic] problems with search engine via db

Marko kuzio marko-kuzio-fisi at gmx.de
Fri Sep 8 17:54:57 EDT 2006

hm, on other places in my catalog i have an succesfull
acces to the gbd_artikel db-table. when i use the

[query type=list sql="select * from gbd_artikel"]

construct, i become the db data.

have anyone an simple example for an search page,
thats describe which values in the catalog.cfg must set
when i use an other table as the "product"?

i use the psql and have five tables which are in the
dbconf set, this tables are usefully on all pages, but
not in the search process.


the TAB's behind the .pgsql tables don't seem correct to me, should be more
likely something like:

Database gbd_artikel artikel.pgsql __SQLDSN__

where __SQLDSN__ is set in your variables.txt to something useful to set up
the database connection.

 > hi,
 > i have a problem with the search engine, which i use with an postgres 
 > in the catalog.cfg i have defined the follow settings:
 > Database    userdb  userdb.pgsql    TAB
 > Database    transactions    transactions.pgsql  TAB
 > Database    products      artikel.txt   TAB
 > Database    gbd_artikel  artikel.pgsql  TAB
 > Replace ProductFiles
 > ProductFiles    gbd_artikel
 > i think, this is the correct default setting, to use the gbd_artikel
 > postgres db-table as default search table.

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