[ic] Occasional/random "Connection reset by peer" errors

Jon Jensen jon at endpoint.com
Tue Sep 12 17:17:05 EDT 2006

On Tue, 12 Sep 2006, Daniel Davenport wrote:

> From time to time, some requests to IC pages cause a page to be 
> displayed that reads "We're sorry, the Interchange server is available 
> due to a system error.  <snip> connection reset by peer".  (I'd paste 
> the exact message, but someone here already knows the text of it -- 
> plus, i can never seem to _make_ it show the error message.)  No error 
> appears in either the IC logs or in apache's log for that site.  There 
> were a few mentions of "interrupted system call" in the IC error log, 
> and setting $ENV{PERL_SIGNALS} to 'unsafe' seems to have stopped that, 
> but the "connection reset by peer" message still shows occasionally.

Where do you set PERL_SIGNALS to unsafe?

> Using IC 5.3.1 (unix mode, via cgi + mod_rewrite -- not 
> Interchange::Link), perl 5.8.8 (unthreaded), apache 2.0.53, mysql 
> 3.23.58, and whatever perl module versions were available about 2 weeks 
> ago.

Is Interchange in PreFork, or fork-on-demand? What is the MaxServers 

What operating system, distribution, kernel version?

Are you using suEXEC or a set-UID CGI binary? It sounds like you're using 
the compiled C-based vlink, right?

Can you see the "connection reset by peer" message in the logs? If so, is 
there any pattern to the URLs that it happens on?


Jon Jensen
End Point Corporation

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