[ic] Beginner Question

Cesáreo García Rodicio cesareo at cesareox.com
Wed Sep 13 16:36:25 EDT 2006

JT Justman wrote:
> Cesáreo García Rodicio wrote:
>>> On your command line, run:
>>>   /usr/local/bin/perl -MGDBM_File -e 1     
>>> If the command exits without an error message, we'll look further.
>>> If it exits with an error message (about being unable to find
>>> GDBM_File), then you need to install that Perl module.
>>   $> perl -MGDBM_File -e 1
>>   $>
>>  (... so, nothing special, it must be right)
>> AS USER  it was the same.
>> I remind you that perhaps the problem is doing bin/makecat because it
>> is my first time installing interchange.
>> So any idea?
> Are you running a site perl in /usr/local/bin/perl? If so you probably
> have to specify it, as in Davor's example.

~# perl -MGDBM_File -e 1
~# which perl

I thinks it's not a problem with perl, perhaps a problem with
bin/makecat (I did somethink wrong)


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