[ic] Bug with "Order Returns" for more than one return

Jure Kodzoman jure at plsavez.hr
Sun Sep 17 09:57:54 EDT 2006

Hy, I've noticed a strange bug in Standard demo.

In Return Orders we have 2 shipped orders. I then select some items and
return some order (ie first one). Then I go back in "Return Orders"
screen and there select another order, but this time without selecting
any items. Both returns have to be done inside same session, of course.

Instead of showing an error stating that no item was selected it says 

"Return already processed for line TEST0004-2 on RMA 16! Skipping"

This (return_items) variable should be cleared in line 91 of

[set return_items][/set]

I've printed out variable before and after this line, and the line
DOESN'T get cleared.

The weird thing about it is when i put 
[set return_items] [/set] instead (with space), everything works ok.

The command [set return_items][/set] should clear return_items, but it
doesn't. Could this be a bug in "set" (therefore a part of a larger
problem), or is it something connected to this specific example. Anyhow,
it's strange.

Thanks for your anwser,

Jure Kodzoman

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