[ic] Making flypage based on fields other than sku

JT Justman jt at signless.com
Mon Sep 18 20:25:23 EDT 2006

oleg at eville.us wrote:
> Greetings, list!
> My first post to this list comes after searching the archives
> unsuccessfully for what seems like a simple question.  For mostly
> aesthetic reasons I would like the URL of the product detail pages
> (flypage.html) to be based on a field other than sku.  For example,
> instead of www.mystore.com/os28108.html I would like to have that same
> product pulled up by www.mystore.com/Hand_Brush.html or something along
> these lines.  Let's say it's a custom field I created which simply takes
> the title and replaces spaces with underscores.

Hi, Oleg!

There are probably many ways to do this in Interchange. You could do
something like that using an ActionMap. Say you call it 'details'. Then
you could call 'mystore.com/details/Hand_Brush.html.

Very roughly, and untested:

ActionMap details	<<EOR
sub {
  my $target = shift;

  my $sku = $Tag->data({
    table => 'products',
    field => 'sku',
    foreign => 'custom_field_of_your_choice',
    key => $target,

  # Store the target in $Session->{arg}
  $Session->{arg} = $sku;

  # Set the target page
  $CGI->{mv_nextpage} = 'flypage.html';
  return 1;



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