[ic] Making flypage based on fields other than sku

Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Tue Sep 19 15:56:57 EDT 2006

oleg at eville.us wrote:
> My first post to this list comes after searching the archives
> unsuccessfully for what seems like a simple question.  For mostly
> aesthetic reasons I would like the URL of the product detail pages
> (flypage.html) to be based on a field other than sku.  For example,
> instead of www.mystore.com/os28108.html I would like to have that same
> product pulled up by www.mystore.com/Hand_Brush.html or something along
> these lines.  Let's say it's a custom field I created which simply takes
> the title and replaces spaces with underscores.
The Standard demo has a neat feature you could modify.  See the
"SpecialSub missing ncheck_category" and associated "Sub ncheck_category"

If the requested SKU is not found then the "missing" SpecialSub kicks in,
if defined.  That subroutine can do whatever you need.  In the demo,
it initiates a search if the requested name starts with a capital letter.

You could get it to check the products table for the requested value,
in a unique-indexed column, and then call a flypage as if the SKU was
requested directly.  Perhaps even fall-back to a search if no result
was found.

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