[ic] interface for selling gift certifcates

Brian Hefferan brianhef at heftone.com
Wed Sep 27 14:58:33 EDT 2006

I want to sell gift certificates in customer-chosen denominations
using Interchange 5.4. It seems easy if I create in advance a separate
sku for each denomination amount, but I' think I'd rather let the
customer type an arbitrary value amount for the certificate in a form.

Would I need to have a new sku created for each certificate, or is
there a way assign an arbitrary  orig_amount to a pay_certs record
using one gift_cert-enabled product sku?

Does anyone already have "Purchase a Gift Certificate" form/page
written up that could be posted as an example? I don't see one in the
example store.

Brian Hefferan
Elderly Instruments

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