[ic] Taxable item with non-taxable options

Eric Chamberlain eric at voxilla.com
Sat Apr 7 17:35:21 EDT 2007

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> Quoting Eric Chamberlain (eric at voxilla.com):
> > Sub-items definitely sounds like the way to go.
> >
> > How do I link a sub-item back to the main item?  I've searched
> > for bill of materials examples and found a reference to modular
> > but not clear explanation of how to set them up.
> FYI, we don't top-quote on this list as per it's charter.
> Modular options are not what you need -- just sub-items, as should be
> found in the documentation if you search on mv_order_group.

That looks like what I need, thanks.

Is there a way to set the sub-item price as a percentage of the parent
item price other than by using on-the-fly items?

Eric Chamberlain

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