[ic] GlobalSub Question

Lars Tode lars.tode at bpanet.de
Wed Apr 25 05:22:06 EDT 2007

Hi list,
I need help with GlobalSub.
I have tried to access the GobalSub test_global_sub, that comes along
with the interchange.cfg.
> GlobalSub sub test_global_sub { return 'Test of global subroutine OK.'
To test that the globalsub is loaded, I added a Require in the
> Require globalsub test_global_sub "Require of %s %s failed!"
After restart Interchange, the startup print following message:
Require of GlobalSub test_global_sub failed!
The same problem appears, if I added AllowGlobal to the interchange.cfg
> AllowGlobal  testshop
AdminSub is not set, so that AllowGlobal usually has no effect if it is
set or not.

Thanks in advanced,


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