AW: AW: [ic] GlobalSub Question

Peter peter at
Thu Apr 26 06:52:36 EDT 2007

On 04/26/2007 01:07 AM, Lars Tode wrote:
> Hallo Peter,
>>> It is Interchange 5.4.0, the latest stable release.
>> The latest stable is 5.4.2
> Correct, my mistake, it is 5.4.2
>> $Tag->perl({table => 'products userdb'});
> Thanks for the hint, now it works with the sub :-)
>> $Session, $Tag and $Values are only valid for catalog-level 
>> subs, for global subroutines you should use $Vend::Session 
>> $Vend::Tags and $::Values respectively.
> Ah ok. Is there some documentation about variables that can be used in a
> GlobalSub?

Someone may correct me on this one but I don't know of any off the top
of my head.  What I usually do is grep the Vend directory for the name
I'm looking for and you can see how it's used in global code there.  The
results are obvious.  For example:

grep Values * lots of results like these: $::Values->{mv_order_route} = $_;                 if $::Values->{mv_shipmode};                 if $::Values->{mv_handling};    $::Values->{"mv_status_$var"} = $message

>From that it's pretty obvious that you can access the values via $::Values.


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