[ic] Re: Need to speed up page loading

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Tue Aug 7 13:51:32 EDT 2007

> I've added some stuff to many of my pages that is causing them to load
> slowly while IC is processing the page.  A while ago I set up periodic
> caching of certain lists so IC doesn't have to recalculate them each
> time a page is loaded, but I guess it's time for another layer of
> caching.
> Is timed_build the next step to take?

Sorry for replying to myself.  Does anyone know which one of these is
generally faster than the other?

[loop list="sku1 sku2 sku3 ..."]
[loop-data products title]

2. (with proper mysql indexes)
[loop search="search goes here"]
[loop-param title]

Is this the proper way to set up mysql indexes in products.mysql:

Database products COLUMN_DEF "title=char(100), INDEX(title(100))"

- Grant

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