[ic] Small Search Box: How to ignore a field in products.txt?

L C iluvsnm2 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 14 11:54:35 EDT 2007

On Mon, 2007-08-13 at 09:12 -0700, L C wrote:
> In products.txt, under prod_group, I have a group of
> items which I've labeled "database only."
> I do not want these items showing up in any search
> results.
> What do I need to add to the code below
> (small_search_box component) to have the search
> any items defined as 'prod_group=database only'. 
> such a nubie so I kindly ask you to be specific! 
> tried so many different things to no avail.
> Thanks and Blessings,
> Lisa

Here is what I do.

If I understand right, there are records that you do
not want to show up
in any search results.  The way I do it is not in the
form at all. but
in the results page.  In the database, you should have
a field with 1 or
0 as a flag something like "hide_this_record" then in
the search-list
simply do a test for that field, 

something like this in the results search-region
should do it:

[tmp hide_this_record][item-data products

[if !scratch hide_this_record]
    [item-data products description]...

Also, the results code that you would modify is in:

I have done these kind of modification for nla items,
pending items,


Thank You and this makes perfect sense to work with
the results page and not the small_search_box
component.  I, however, use the results_grid
(perl-based) not the buylist so I'll see what damage I
can do with that!  ...The group will probably be
hearing from me again in a few days!



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