[ic] Newbie: Encountered a logout error - Is solution correct?

Jo-Ellen Mathews joellenmathews at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 15 18:38:59 EDT 2007

Hello Users,

I downloaded IC a few weeks ago and have been using the 'standard' store that
comes with the package to learn how the application behaves.  It's an awesome
software package, and how nice to have a working e-commerce store to customize!

I did encounter an error, I found a solution, and my question is whether my
solution (although it works) is correct.

Description of error:
After logging in, the list of Account Management Functions are displayed (Order
Tracking, Order Returns, etc).  I had noticed that if you click on any of the
links in this list and immediately log out from the page the link takes you to,
an error is generated from the "Saved Carts / Recurring Orders" page when you
log out.  And only this page.  Additionally, if I go anywhere else after
clicking the "Saved Carts / Recurring Orders" link, I'm okay.  It's only if I
log out after going to the Saved Carts page.

After looking through code, reading docs and reading list archives to find out
the difference in behavior of the "Saved Carts" link vs the other links, I
finally figured it out.

In the file standard/pages/member/saved_carts.html, I noticed the following lines:

      [set members_only]1[/set]
      [set page_banner][L]Saved Carts[/L] / [L]Recurring Orders[/L][/set]
      [set page_title]__COMPANY__ -- [L]Saved Carts[/L] / [L]Recurring Orders[/L][/set]


Additionally, I noticed similar code in the file
standard/pages/member/delete_addresses.html file.  So I went to this page,
logged out, and got the same error I was getting when logging out from the
saved_carts.html page.

When looking at the other files in the pages/member directory, the 'tmp' ITL
tag is used for the members_only variable instead of 'set'.  I changed all
three lines above to use tmp instead of set, and now I get a successful logout
from the "Saved Carts" page.  Same thing with the delete_addresses.html page.

Although this change does work, is it the correct solution?  Or should the
userdb logout function be clearing the members_only variable or is there a more appropriate location to clear this variable when logging out?  Being a newbie, I'm nowhere close to fully grasping the inner workings of the catalog, so I'm extremely hesitant to modify .pm files or anything other than the two HTML files for fear of breaking things.

Any guidance/comments regarding my solution are greatly appreciated.


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