[ic] Newbie: Encountered a logout error - Is solution correct?

Stefan Hornburg racke at linuxia.de
Thu Aug 16 08:45:36 EDT 2007

Jo-Ellen Mathews wrote:
> Hello Users,
> I downloaded IC a few weeks ago and have been using the 'standard' store 
> that
> comes with the package to learn how the application behaves.  It's an 
> awesome
> software package, and how nice to have a working e-commerce store to 
> customize!
> I did encounter an error, I found a solution, and my question is whether my
> solution (although it works) is correct.
> Description of error:
> ====================
> After logging in, the list of Account Management Functions are displayed 
> (Order
> Tracking, Order Returns, etc).  I had noticed that if you click on any 
> of the
> links in this list and immediately log out from the page the link takes 
> you to,
> an error is generated from the "Saved Carts / Recurring Orders" page 
> when you
> log out.  And only this page.  Additionally, if I go anywhere else after
> clicking the "Saved Carts / Recurring Orders" link, I'm okay.  It's only 
> if I
> log out after going to the Saved Carts page.
> After looking through code, reading docs and reading list archives to 
> find out
> the difference in behavior of the "Saved Carts" link vs the other links, I
> finally figured it out.
> In the file standard/pages/member/saved_carts.html, I noticed the 
> following lines:
>       [set members_only]1[/set]
>       [set page_banner][L]Saved Carts[/L] / [L]Recurring Orders[/L][/set]
>       [set page_title]__COMPANY__ -- [L]Saved Carts[/L] / [L]Recurring 
> Orders[/L][/set]
>       @_LEFTONLY_TOP_@
> Additionally, I noticed similar code in the file
> standard/pages/member/delete_addresses.html file.  So I went to this page,
> logged out, and got the same error I was getting when logging out from the
> saved_carts.html page.
> Solution:
> ========
> When looking at the other files in the pages/member directory, the 'tmp' ITL
> tag is used for the members_only variable instead of 'set'.  I changed all
> three lines above to use tmp instead of set, and now I get a successful 
> logout
> from the "Saved Carts" page.  Same thing with the delete_addresses.html 
> page.

Using [tmpn] instead of [set] is the correct solution. Thanks for your
investigations !


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