[ic] still impossible problem in receipt.html

Tom tom at readyink.com
Mon Dec 10 09:43:58 EST 2007

I had reported that in receipt.html [value city] or [value b_city] or
[cgi city] was not showing up, but it was getting logged to the
database.  A very helpful person suggested the variable was getting
clobbered by my route, and then reset when the route variables are
reset. However I added

[seti debugcity][either][value filter=strip name=city][or][value
filter=strip name=b_city][/either][/seti]
[seti debugstate][either][value filter=strip name=state][or][value
filter=strip name=b_state][/either][/seti]

to log_transaction (the funny value/filter syntax mimics the code that
properly logs values to db)

and in receipt.html I have

<!-- debugcity [scratch debugcity] --- [scratch debugstate] -->

and only state is showing up.

My profiles.order files does not have anything unusual with city, nor
does log_transaction or receipt.html.

Thank you in advance,

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