[ic] New.. and already I'm going to be a pain :(

Gert van der Spoel gert at 3edge.com
Thu Dec 20 04:18:16 EST 2007

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> Hi everyone!!
> InterChange looks AWESOME!!
> I'v got it installed (debian 4.0), Interchange v 5.5.1-1 (unstable).
> Ok so I get the server to fire up-- I think.. because my pid shows a
> question mark next to it.
> I am using lampp (xampp actually) soooo mysql and apache are up too.
> But I have no idea on how to do anything else now!!
> I tried port 7786 .. but get a 'connection was refused' error.

How do you get this error?
After Interchange is up you go to the URL in your browser to get to the main
Or are you trying to talk to Interchange in a different way?
> When I goto icdevgroup site I can fire up the demo (whether my server
> says it is up or not).

Not sure what you mean with the 'whether my server says it is up or not' ..
Interchange demo is running on a totally different server, and you just
connect to it with your browser, just like you go to google.com or any other
website. This has nothing to do with your own server.
> Well I will try uninstalling and putting the stable (tar) version on to
> see if that helps.
> I guess if someone sees something I may have done wrong or missed, or
> are board.. until I figure it out  somehow, please respond  :)

The information is not giving much information about what is going on.
Considering you installed everything yourself and start interchange from the
- do you get any output on the commandline when you (re)start Interchange?
- anything in the error logs (either from the Interchange app, or your own
  These are 2 different errorlogs found in 2 different locations.
- what does the apache error log say when you browse to your interchange
website you just configured?



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