[ic] New.. and already I'm going to be a pain :(

John Halvy halvy at operamail.com
Thu Dec 20 14:31:37 EST 2007


Thank you soo much for responding so quickly to my note.

I will look over your suggestions, read the documentation further, and probably re-install (by compiling) or tar, before I write another note to the group :)


> > I tried port 7786 .. but get a 'connection was refused' error.
> How do you get this error?
> After Interchange is up you go to the URL in your browser to get to the main
> page?
> Or are you trying to talk to Interchange in a different way?
> > When I goto icdevgroup site I can fire up the demo (whether my server
> > says it is up or not).
> Not sure what you mean with the 'whether my server says it is up or not' ..
> Interchange demo is running on a totally different server, and you just
> connect to it with your browser, just like you go to google.com or any other
> website. This has nothing to do with your own server.
> > Well I will try uninstalling and putting the stable (tar) version on to
> > see if that helps.
> >
> > I guess if someone sees something I may have done wrong or missed, or
> > are board.. until I figure it out  somehow, please respond  :)
> The information is not giving much information about what is going on.
> Considering you installed everything yourself and start interchange from the
> commandline:
> - do you get any output on the commandline when you (re)start Interchange?
> - anything in the error logs (either from the Interchange app, or your own
> catalog?)
>    These are 2 different errorlogs found in 2 different locations.
> - what does the apache error log say when you browse to your interchange
> website you just configured?
> CU,
> Gert
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