[ic] New.. and already I'm going to be a pain :(

John Halvy halvy at operamail.com
Sat Dec 22 17:03:26 EST 2007

> Do you have a firewall blocking port 7786?
> P.S. Subscribers to this list get cranky if you top post.

Sorry about the top post :(

Ok here's my updated situation:

- on not accessing port 7786.. it's not my firewall.. apache2 can open it fine.

- I'm making progress tho  :)  ... but I need to know how to correctly undo, delete or otherwise fix my test catalog.  I read in one of the notes that you should not 'over' write  (ie. do a makecat) on top of your current one.  This needs to be clarified if possible because I know you are aloud as many catalogs as you want.. so how would i just either make another one in addition to the one I have, or otherwise delete/overwrite the one I have?

* If someone can just point me to the correct online page that has the answers to some of my questions.. I'd be very happy.  It's just that there are soo many different pages, and I'm so new at this program, that everything seems to blend together sometimes  :(

- When I select a web page document directly (like from my catalog) with my browser (whether IC is running or not, I get some pages that are 'jumbled'.. ie. they have some unintelligible data on it.. mostly html or other various 'coding' that is bleeding though the page.  What could that be from?

- Placement of the cgi (directory).. and everything else actually. Do I 'just' select where these are (or where I will have them).. and then point IC to them.  Or is there one place that IC 'expects', or is 'better' for them to be?  

- Is there a version of IC and OS (like an older Red Hat or whatever) that is easier to install, learn and work with in the beginning that v 5.5? 

** Again, if it is easier for someone to just tell me that I should run makecat again, or point me to the online docs (or name of the doc), that would be more than enough help!  

Well the good news is that I un-installed debian and ran the tar version.. and it boots up fine :)

Also I have apache2 up, with php4, ssl and cgi all working (or at least I don't get an error message  ;)

Thanks again everyone for your help and patience.


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