[ic] UPS Internal Lookup not working HELP

nativeam at nativeamericanwebdesign.com nativeam at nativeamericanwebdesign.com
Fri Dec 28 18:49:02 EST 2007

Hello all,

Using Interchange 5.0.0
Perl 5.8.8

Interchange is operating under Cpanel 11

I've been all over this list looking up everything I can find. I've  
used multiple shipping.asc examples and followed all info I could find  
about how to do this. Such as are you sure you have the rate table (In  
this case feground.csv) in the dbconfig and all that. I have the gdbm  
files, .numeric files, etc.

I am wondering if anyone out there has a working ups internal lookup  
going. I used to work with older versions of interchange and I could  
sit and setup IC with worldwide shipping using the rates and zones and  
never have a problem. But for some reason this IC 5.0 doesn't want to  
work or I have missed something big somewhere.

I have the zone file defined in the catalog.cfg just as I used to,  
it's found. I define the rate table in catalog.cfg

Right now I'm using this in shipping.asc

feground:Fedex Ground
          crit                    weight
          at_least                5
          adder                   3
          ups                             1
          zone                    480
          PriceDivide             1
          table                   feground
          aggregate               40
          ui_ship_type    UPSI
          str_length      2
          min                             0
          max                             0
          cost                    e No shipping needed!

          min                             0
          max                             70
          geo                    zip
          zip                    country
          cost                    u

          min                             70
          max                             9999999
          cost                    e Too heavy for Fedex Ground

My feground file, at the moment, is just copied from the Ground.csv,  
and the 480.csv is a copy of the 450.csv that comes with IC.

In the catalog I have:

UpsZoneFile    products/480.csv
Database    feground    products/feground.csv    CSV

The gdbm and numeric files have been altered to reflect the proper  
rate table, feground and feground.csv
They are in the dbconf and the mysql as well as products.

My country.txt as well as the admin UI country interface reflect  
feground as the shipping method for US.

Currently I am getting the following error (though I have gotten  
myriad errors all different):

nativeam /~nativeam/cgi-bin/cart.cgi/process.html Zone '480' lookup  
failed, type 'feground' not found

although I've gotten others, as well as no errors at all. No matter  
what I do I cannot get a shipping method to come up in the checkout.

I do indeed have weights in the weight field of the products database,  
so it isn't a case of no weight.

I have the default shipping set to feground as well.

No matter what I do, I get an error telling me the zone file is bad  
(like if I remove 'products/' from the def in catalog.cfg) or that  
type 'feground' is not found, or even no errors at all! Same result  
every time... no shipping price calculated and reported.

It kills me because I used to do this with no problems whatsoever with  
version 4.8.3

Am I missing something totally, or have I forgotten something in my old age?

Oh, I realize I have the rate tablename the same as the method, it  
doesn't matter. I had it set different but to no avail.

Thanks in advance for any help you could provide. I have the  
documentation and have read it a thousand times.


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