[ic] InterChange 'Man' page overwrites 'Dump' program 'Man' page..

John Halvy halvy at operamail.com
Sat Dec 29 21:08:51 EST 2007

I notified one of the developers about this because I thought they would be the first to want to know.. but was told to post it here.  And since it has been over a week.. with  no further response.. including no updates (that I am aware of) that would have solved this important issue.. I have decided to put it on the list.

When I first attempted to install Interchange 5.5.1-1 on debian 4.0, I found out that the man page for IC overwrites the man page for the Linux 'dump' command.. a very important and well used functional program in the Unix world.

However when I installed with the tar ball, this did not happen.

It would seem since the IC man page is really just a one line sentence mentioning the 'Interchange Session Dumper'.. it is not even needed.. for anything obvious anyway.

When I reinstalled 'dump' (the program), it fixed the problem (temporarily) buy overwriting IC's man page.


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