[ic] New to Interchange, trying to upgrade from a VERY old version

Jordan Adler jordan at endpoint.com
Mon Dec 31 16:25:37 EST 2007

Greetings fellow SCAdian,

On Mon, December 31, 2007 14:55, Scott Courtney wrote:
>   This is odd, because there is no mention of special_pages under the
>   catalog tutorial.

Yes, there is: 

> * In my example setup, I can successfully bring up the catalog's main
>   page with https://myserver.example.org/test.cgi but all the links from
>   that page want to point to http://myserver.example.org/test.cgi. I
> thought
>   this was just a matter of setting SECURE_SERVER in variables.txt, and

As I understand it, variables.txt is usually used to define runtime
variables, for use in ITL.  See Variable and VariableDatabase config
directives docs: 

But what you really need to do (probably) is set SecureURL:

Note, however, that links in the markup of your pages are totally
dependent on how they are set-up.  In other words, if you have static
links in your pages, you will need to change them by hand (to something
less static, preferably).

> * What do I need to clone over from the old server to make the page
> layouts
>   the same as we had before? I'm sure I need to clone the pages directory,
>   but what else? And....Can an Interchange veteran tell me whether the
>   template language has substantially changed since the Dark Ages of 4.8?
>   Is there a template migration tool and/or guidebook?

You will suredly need to copy over any non-interchange static files.  CSS
files, images, static html, flash files, etc.  See your apache (or $httpd)
config for paths.

As I am fairly new to IC myself, I'm not much sure about old versions. 
However, I would recommend that you review
http://www.icdevgroup.org/doc/icupgrade.html if you have not already.  You
may also want to see the UPGRADE file:

>   I'd like to use /test/incex.cgi if possible, as a friendlier URL. My

I'm not sure what the appropriate solution to this would be, but using
mod_rewrite, at the very least, would work.

> * Is there any way to have the URL simply be https://mystore.example.org/

This will likely need to be set up from apache (or the httpd you are
using).  IC, afaik, does not handle anything before the request to its
linker program.


Jordan M. Adler
End Point Corporation
jordan at endpoint.com

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