[ic] how to build the left side nav menu?

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> On 02/03/2007 07:46 AM, boll wrote:
> > Hi-
> > I'm using Interchange 5.4.1 with MySQL 5.0.27 on Fedora 5. After 
> > importing my products, they are visible on the pages and in 
> admin, but 
> > the left-side navigation menu remains from the hardware demo.
> > 
> > I tried using 'Layout Editor Auto-populate', and see this 
> error in the 
> > catalog error log: XBR7nchY: - 
> > [03/February/2007:07:00:05 -0800] develop 
> > /cgi-bin/develop/admin/layout.html search error: search 
> file 'area' is 
> > not a valid database reference. I see this happens with my 
> store, and 
> > also with the original demo store.
> > 
> > I notice that it's labeled a 'Legacy Tool'. Is there a 
> better way to 
> > create the navigation? If not, should there be an 'area' 
> table? When 
> > and how is it created? Thanks for any suggestions.
> > -John
> The Legacy Editor is not compatible with the menus in the 
> Standard Demo.  Use the Menu tab in the UI and select 
> Products from the "Menu name" drop down in the upper right.  
> You use the "Menu loader" tab for something roughly 
> equivalent to the old Auto populate.
> Peter
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Hi all, following the same topic, I'm going to ask about my problem 
and at the same time, maybe help John with the menu creation process

I have created menus using the products I had imported in a catalog 
with the UI Menu tab, which worked fine, as long as I use only one 
flyout menu on my pages.

I'm trying to have 3 horizontal flyout menus bars. I made my menus, used
variable file and copied it to 3 other files like this

In these 3 variable files, I have changed the [menu name=......] and
so that they all have different names and prefix. 

So I have my 3 files in ~/variables and 3 menu files in

I edited the LEFTRIGHT_TOP with the UI to add:
[output name=nest_clients_menu]__NEST_Clients_Menu__[output name=trash]
[output name=nest_profile_menu]__NEST_Profile_Menu__[output name=trash]
[output name=nest_products_menu]__NEST_Products_Menu__[output

The footer will use [unpack....  leftright...]

I edited the ~/includes/layout/leftright file to add lines to unpack my 
3 menus using:

<tr height="100"><td colspan="2">

	<div width="100%"

<tr height="100"><td colspan="2">

	<div width="100%"

<tr height="100"><td colspan="2">

	<div width="100%"


In the end, my 3 rows are there, my 3 menus are there, but the flyout
only work on the top one, the other 2 below don't work, with the
exception of 
1 link in another menu that opens a submenu from the 1st menu!!

I am not very good with javascripts, so I would appreciate hints to
this matter.

Thank you all

Martin Houle
N.E.S.T. Solutions

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