[ic] Froogle

Steve Graham icdev at mrlock.com
Tue Feb 6 18:15:18 EST 2007

>The fulfillment portion I developed as a module invoked from a simple
>CGI script. Technically, you certainly could also use Interchange for
>this portion and include the module into an actionmap, but we were
>interested in keeping any unnecessary traffic from hitting Interchange.
>The integration was highly customized to fit in with the client's data
>model and any application to general use would require some refactoring.
>Mark Johnson
>End Point Corporation

Hello Mark,

Even though Google is offering free transactions until the end of the 
year, their plan to charge 2% plus .20 per transaction is still enticing.

I might kick in some funds if others would be willing to get some 
generalized code into IC.

Any body else interested?


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