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Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Thu Feb 8 12:05:13 EST 2007

Dan Bergan <dan at berganconsulting.com> wrote:
> I don't think that's the case with a "phrase search".  I can search  
> with swish-e from the command line:
> swish-e -w word1 word2 -f /path/to/index
> It will do as you say above - (I do use stemming) - if "word1" and  
> "word2" appear anywhere in the file, that page will show up in the  
> search results.  (And, by the same token, if the page contained  
> "word1ing" or "word2s" it will still show up.
> However, if the command is:
> swish-e -w \"word1 word2\" -f /path/to/index
> Then, the only pages that will show up in the results, have the exact  
> phrase "word1 word2".  A page that contains "word1 word3 word2" will  
> NOT appear in the results.  (I have not yet tested how stemming  
> affects this case).
> So, if phrase searching was working correctly, the only page that  
> should appear in the results for the search above ("area tag  
> produces") is the Area tag page.
My setup is tuned specific to my needs, of course.  For instance,
the following searches:

    area and href


    area href

will return results that are different from:

    area or href

"and" is the default in my searches, and the [area] tag comes out on
top in both cases.

I didn't really consider "phrase searching" to be all that useful on
the RTFM website, as I find that most searches are looking for keywords
anyway.  I might change that in RTFMv2 (project starting soon), or I
might not. :-)

I find that, as long as sufficient keywords are provided, the search
results are ordered and highlighted such that the desired page is clearly
visible at the top of, or close to the top of, the resultset.

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