[ic] $Tag->shipping and adder problem

Steve Graham icdev at mrlock.com
Wed Feb 14 14:54:59 EST 2007

>The conclusion:
>$Tag->shipping() honours the minimum but not the adder :(
>Does anybody have an answer to this issue?


Assuming you are using shipping.asc

$2.00 handling adder, and a $5.00 minimum. Using IC5.4, but this file 
was the same on my 4.8 install ( I think)

My entries are like this, it seems much easier to follow:

GNDCOMI:    -UPS Ground-
         crit                    weight
         at_least                5
         adder                   2
         ui_ship_type    UPSE:GNDCOM
         PriceDivide             1
         service         GNDCOM
         aggregate       110
         default_geo     04175

         min                             0
         max                             0
         cost                    e Nothing to ship!

         min                             0
         max                             1000
         cost                    s QueryUPS

         min                             1000
         max                             999999999
         cost                    e Too heavy for UPS


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