[ic] Performance Issue

Lars Tode lars.tode at bpanet.de
Thu Feb 15 02:08:08 EST 2007

Hi list.
Few days ago I ported a catalog from Interchange 5.2.1 to 5.4.2 (and
from one server to newer one). Since then I had massive problems with
the performance of loops.
The SQL - Statements are really fast, less then one second (in the sql -
shell and in interchange). While debugging the code
(Vend::Interpolate::query) I saw the the first form of the page
(contains the products and some usertags and variables) was generated
really fast. Everything after that (replace the usertags, scratches, if
...) took too much time (38 Seconds minimum).
I think the problem is located caused by the changes of
Vend::Interpolate (it changed from version to version, becaue the same code works fast in the old catalog.
The new server is a quadcore, raid 10. The cpu load of interchange,
while process the loop, is round about 98 %.
I installed the old interchange (5.2.1) on this server to and did the
same reques. The response of the old server is much more faster (cpu
load 26 %).
Any ideas?

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