[ic] $Tag->shipping and adder problem

Bruno Cantieni bruno at digi-land.com
Thu Feb 15 16:38:28 EST 2007

> The code needed is in IC 5.2. I think that if you want to use 
> $Tag->shipping
> with an adder, you have to add to interchange.cfg:
> 	SafeUntrap entereval
> Beyond that I don't currently have time to help.
> -- 
> Mike Heins

Hi Mike.
While that actually still doesn't work, even though on the surface maybe it
should (perldoc Safe actually makes specific mention of entereval in the
contxt of reval) it pointed me in the right direction.
I don't know why Ship.pm chases the adder through ready_safe->reval, but
commenting out that line did the trick for now.
I also don't know why safe has a crap when you feed it what is a straight
integer value like "2" (that's all my adder is in this scenario)!
So, Line 867 in Ship.pm (v
#			$o->{adder} =
Mui bien!

For all it's worth, I did this in my production 5.2.0 installation and my
code is working as expected now.
I went through the trouble of installing 5.4.2 as a test server and chasing
my code through a catalog in that installation.
Alas, results were the same as in 5.2, i.e. "SafeUntrap entereval" has no
effect and $Tag->shipping() does not return shipping cost with adder
included because that line in Ship.pm is the same as in 5.2.

Thanks for your help, Mike.
Bruno Cantieni

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