[ic] sql query slower than expected

DB DB at M-and-D.com
Fri Feb 16 13:34:14 EST 2007

I'm running IC 5.4.2 with mysql. My products table includes several
brands, ands each has a unique value for the category field. One brand
(category=BRAND_A) has many more skus that the others, nearly 250,000.

I want to display the skus from BRAND_A and the following query does the
job, however it is much slower than I expected and I can see the
server's CPU load spike up while it is running.

I do have the category column indexed. Can someone tell me why this is
so slow? My server is a dual Xeon with 4GB of Ram. Is this query that
horribly inefficient?

        SELECT  sku, description, comment, category
        FROM    products
        WHERE  category = 'BRAND_A'

[no-match]Not Found<br>[/no-match]

Matches [matches] of [match-count] shown.<br>

<a href="[area [sql-code]]">[sql-param comment]</a><br> [sql-param

Matches [matches] of [match-count] shown.<br>

Thanks for any thoughts.


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