[ic] Auto-Export - more than one table from item_edit.html

Music music at labyrinth.net.au
Mon Feb 19 22:55:40 EST 2007

I am using an additional table to populate detailed product info.


The second table includes extra text fields like detailed_specs, url, etc 
that I must keep seperate from products.txt

I have integrated the products_extra.txt fields into the Item Editor in the 
admin ui and the data is being written correctly to MySQL and flypage 
queries etc are working very well.

I am stuck however with the Auto-export function on the item_edit.html page.

The ascii version of the products.txt table is updated after each item edit 
however I am trying to work out how to auto-export the ascii version of the 
products_extra.txt at the same time.

(Exporting works fine in export_table.htm however the store managers do not 
have access to this page and I would like to auto-export on completion of 
each item_edit)

Is there some mojo I can add to the admin UI or dbconf file or 
item_edit.html so that this table is also updated after each item edit? 

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