[ic] Authorizenet failure

Steve Graham icdev at mrlock.com
Wed Feb 21 17:57:19 EST 2007

>In the above example, the source isn't particularly interesting, as
>the error message explains the problem adequately.  You do still get
>to see how the error message was generated, and can determine that
>the "reason" string came from $Session->{payment_error}.

The supplied reference was self explanatory, but was curious about 
the code dump.

The ones that have me concerned are these:
xxxxx:bogus-site.com - [21/February/2007:14:28:12 -0600] locks 
/xxxxxxxx/finalize.html Safe: Real-time charge failed. Reason: 
Authorizenet error: . Please call in your order or try again.

any idea what would be causing this error, or where I can look in the logs?

Thanks for all your help

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