[ic] Tables, csv, forms, and best practice

Jure Kodzoman jure at plsavez.hr
Thu Feb 22 05:04:30 EST 2007

> One big problem I have is with new lines.  I am trying to put data from
> the products/tablename.txt file into open office calc and all the new
> lines that people put into their records are forcing OO to create new
> rows in the wrong places.
> Are there any "best practices" or other documentation for dealing with
> complex data in a clean and strait forward way with IC?

I've used Spreadsheet::WriteExcel Perl module for exporting and
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel for importing, since my customer liked Excel
files much more than CSV (colored and everything :)

It's rather simple to use and the files looked ok in Gnumeric and OO
also. I am not sure but I think IC has support for this already.

Best regards,


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