[ic] RE: Paypal Module - Authorizenet error

William Fiore william.fiore at gmail.com
Sat Feb 24 18:10:14 EST 2007

Lyn St George lyn at zolotek.net wrote:

>A serious point though: IC should not complete the order unless
>it is told that the transactions was successful by the payment
>module, whichever module is in use. In what way was it posted
>to IC? In what way did you determine that Authorizeent was not

You are right..I was being brought to the receipt page with no error
so I assumed the transactions were going through to Interchange but
they weren't.

>I've found versions of log_transaction and profiles.order that
>are in use with Authorizenet and posted those in place of
>the previous ones - try these  'as is'.  They also have logging
>to tell you when the relevant profile has been started.

I uploaded the two files you provided as is and it worked! One
problem..the transaction goes through but I'm not brought to the
receipt page. I just stay on the checkout page and if I press the
submit button again I receive a duplicate order message.

So close


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