[ic] Installation probs

Frank Reitzenstein frank at goldissue.com
Sat Feb 24 21:47:41 EST 2007

Peter wrote:

>On 02/24/2007 07:03 AM, Joachim Thüx wrote:
>> *Hello and good day,
>>I'm new to Interchange and tried to install
>>the downloaded package (version 5.4.2)
>>on my Suse Linux 10.x system.
>>(Perl 5.8.7 is in threaded mode)
>You should have at least Perl 5.8.8 plus the latest DBI if you're going
>to run it in threaded mode or you're likely to have problems later on.
>That said, threaded mode has a performance loss of approximately 30% so
>I generally recommend compiling your own non-threaded perl and using
>that instead.
>>Can't locate HTML/Parser.pm in @INC (@INC contains: ./lib
>As others have pointed out you're missing the HTML::Parser perl module
>which IC requires.  You'll probably find that you're missing others as
>well.  I recommend that you install all the modules listed in the
>Bundle::InterchangeKitchenSink bundle
> You can do this with the command:
>perl -MCPAN -e 'install Bundle::InterchangeKitchenSink'
>Or if you'd rather, use the package management system for SUSE (sorry, I
>don't know what SUSE's package management system is or how to use it).
>That will only work on the default system perl installed by suse (which
>I'm recommending that you don't use above).
>interchange-users mailing list
>interchange-users at icdevgroup.org
Hello Peter,

I had never actually done an upgrade on Redhat until the last CD fedora
5 - it has always been splicing and rebuilding (thanks to Interchange).
Fedora 5 is excellent by the way.

As a result of your emails I notice that I AM running Interchange with 
Perl 5.8.7 (/usr/local/bin/perl).

For example www.aussievitamin.com

I guess with a 2.7GHz processor and 1G RAM there could be a 30%
performance loss. There are no noticeable problems at all. (My son in NZ
says don't waste your time - your sites load fine).

I have Perl 5.8.8 at /usr/bin/perl for some reason. I guess I should get
around to replacing it with perl 5.6 and then I guess Mike's CPAN
scripts will work with that huh? ...and I can change /usr/local/bin/perl
to /usr/bin/perl in all the files in the /usr/lib/interchange/bin
directory. I'm glad when my life isn't dominated by technical issues :)


Frank Reitzenstein

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